20th Century Design History

What Can Today’s Designers Learn From 20th Century Art Movements?

In this free 80-page ebook, you’ll:

  • Cover the history of 3 key art movements: including how the Bauhaus School returned to hands-on experimentation, Brutalism’s social vision, Dada’s challenges to the cultural discourses of its day.
  • Take away 5 key lessons from each movement: from the Bauhaus School’s pioneering of user-centered design, from Brutalism’s emphasis on simplicity and integrity, and from Dada’s advocacy of the need for revolt.
  • Get up to speed quickly: in under an hour of reading time, we'll help you skip the unnecessary stuff and rapidly level up your background design knowledge with the crucial details.

Whether you’re working as a graphic, digital, or UX designer, you could be surprised by what the Bauhaus, Brutalist and Dada movements still have to offer.

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